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Between the Lines
Hogwarts class of 1988
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16th-Feb-2010 11:53 pm - Episode 3.3
ravenclaw: hortensia

Hortensia entered the common room in such a state later that evening that she barely even took the time to be annoyed by Patrick’s presence in the corner she and Amelia usually shared. She threw herself into an armchair and sighed heavily.


‘What’s gotten into you?’ Patrick asked wearily, rolling his eyes at Amelia. Collapse )


7th-Dec-2009 04:37 pm - Episode 3.2
slytherin: bentley

The evening air was cool as Bentley made his way towards the library. As unenthused as he might be about the pairs assignment Professor Babbling had set his ancient runes class, it did serve as a convenient excuse to absent himself from the Slytherin common room.

In previous years, Bentley had always found the common room a place of relative peace. Collapse )

30th-Oct-2009 08:40 pm - Episode 3.1
gryffindor: sebastian

Sebastian was restless. He was usually somewhat restless, but tonight more so.  

And his friends weren’t really helping.Collapse )
5th-Sep-2009 06:39 pm - Episode 2.4
hufflepuff: margot

Margot Davies followed despondently behind the rest of her classmates as they headed to their Care of Magical Creatures lesson. Her robes, which she had never grown into despite her frugal father’s insistence that she would, trailed their last few inches in the dusty path. From behind her long fringe, she surveyed her classmates.


Immediately ahead of her were the boys: Thomas Faber, Zan Huang and Anthony Linden. Collapse )
6th-Aug-2009 09:23 pm - Episode 2.3
ravenclaw: patrick
Monday, September 2nd, 1985

Arithmancy Classroom, Hogwarts

Patrick sauntered into the Arithmancy classroom, his bag slung casually over his shoulder. He smirked to himselfCollapse )
7th-Jul-2009 08:57 pm - Episode 2.2
gryffindor: polly

Monday, September 2nd, 1985

Potions Dungeon, Hogwarts



Polly bit her lip, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration.Collapse )
8th-Mar-2009 09:36 pm - Episode 2.1
slytherin: evander

Monday, September 2nd, 1985

The Great Hall, Hogwarts

‘Potions first. Fantastic.’


Even at the Slytherin table, that was not a phrase one heard often.Collapse )
14th-Feb-2009 10:39 am - Episode 1.4
hufflepuff: meredith

Between the Lines - Meredith
September 1st, 1985
1.20 pm
Hogwarts Express

“Dumbledore must be going senile,’ Evander declared loudly as they left the prefects’ compartment.

Meredith exchanged an amused glance with Francesca.Collapse )

13th-Oct-2008 08:52 pm - Episode 1.3
slytherin: bentley

September 1st, 1985

10.37 am

Lorwood Park, Derbyshire

There was a loud CRACK! which echoed around the vaulted ceiling of the grand entrance hall. Bentley Thorpe didn’t even flinch. He was quite used to it. Lorwood Park, the ancestral home of the Thorpe family, had always echoed a bit, but the effect had been multiplied in recent times, because the house had become somewhat emptier of late.

2nd-Sep-2008 07:14 pm - Episode 1.2
gryffindor: sebastian

September 1st, 1985

11:00 am

Hogwarts Express

‘Well, I had better be off – they want me in the prefect’s car.’ Bill Weasley sighed and stood up, as the train began to pull away from the platform. ‘I’ll catch up with you guys later.’


As the compartment door slid shut, Polly Trent sighed and slumped in her seat.Collapse )


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